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Origami Rolls

“Origami Rolls”

Mini Rolls with Sesame Lemon Rice                 Makes 6 mini rolls



2 cups prepared sushi rice

1/4 teaspoon very finely grated lemon zest

3 teaspoons toasted sesame seeds

1 teaspoon crystal salt flakes

1 each of 5 X 7” Origami Corn Wrap, Carrot and Tomato Wrap

1/2 hothouse cucumber, seeded and cut into1/4” X 4” strips

1/2 cup carrot, peeled and shredded


Combine and mix the zest, sesame seed and salt and gently fold into warm sushi rice. Set aside.


For each roll:

Place Wrap shiny side down on sushi rolling mat.

Using wet but not dripping hands, press in about 3 tablespoons of sushi rice leaving a 1-inch rice-free border at the top. Lay in 2 pairs of cucumber strips (or about 3 teaspoons of shredded carrot) horizontally in middle of rice, slightly sticking out over the end of wrappers.

Lightly swipe top border with a damp brush.

Roll forward using mat and let roll rest for 1 minute on seam to seal.

Repeat with Carrot and Tomato Origami Wrap, alternating cucumber strips and shredded carrot as filling.


Cut each roll into 8 pieces or serve whole with soy or teriyaki sauce for dipping.


8 Favorite Fall Flavors

Fall is here. You can feel it in the crisp cool breeze. You can see it in the leaves that have changed their color. You can hear it in the crunch underfoot of fallen leaves. You can smell it in the air. It’s all around us, but do you know where evidence of fall is most present? The market. Fall brings all sorts of goodies to the farmers markets and grocery stores. Though it is sad to see some of our favorite summer produce go out of season, the fall harvest brings so many new options to the table it’s hard to complain. We’ve put together a list of eight of our favorite fall flavors and why we think they’re extra special.

Pumpkins– Can easily be made sweet or savory. Got a sweet tooth? Try pumpkin cookies, muffins, granola, pie or quick bread. Prefer savory? Try pumpkin curry, tacos, or roasted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins are packed with vitamins A & C, potassium and are low in calories.

Apples– So many varieties are available it’s hard to choose a favorite. Tart apples such as granny smith or gravenstein are best for baking. Sweet varieties such as gala or honeycrisp are best for snacking on. Apples help regulate blood sugar and are a great source of fiber.

Mushrooms– A great addition to any fall meal, adding rich texture and flavor to rice, pasta, and soups. Mushrooms help support the immune system and are a valuable source of B vitamins.

Maple– Pure maple syrup is unparalleled, drastically different from “pancake syrup”. Use it in place of sugar in baked goods, on top of sweet breakfasts or drizzle on roasted root vegetables. Pure maple syrup is a great source of manganese and zinc.

Sage– Offering a sweet, yet savory flavor, this herb is great with potatoes, roasts, carrots or chicken. Sage is well known for its medicinal properties and is high in vitamin K.

Ginger– Spicy and pungent, this spice adds a kick to any fall dish. Ginger is great for the digestive tract and settling upset or nauseated stomachs.

Cranberries– This tart berry offers a nice compliment to savory meat dishes. Commonly known for alleviating urinary tract ailments, cranberries are also great antioxidants.

Brussels Sprouts– Delicious whether roasted, steamed, braised, or shaved into a salad. Brussels sprouts may have some cholesterol-lowering benefits as well as offer some anti-inflammatory support.

There you have it, our round up of eight deliciously diverse fall flavors. Let’s get cooking!

5 Simple Tips For a Healthier School Year

It is that time of the year already!  The kids are headed back to school in the coming weeks and we all know what that means.  A new school year means going back to a life of routines and schedules.  What better time than the start of the school year to implement new healthy habits?  Work in these five simple tips to your new school routine for a healthier and happier year!

    1. Get The Whole Family Active- Have the kids join a sports team and use that time to walk, run or go for a bike ride yourself.  Dedicate a time of the day for a family walk, bike ride or pickup sports game.  Find an indoor pool with family swim time.

    2. Make Family Dinner a Priority- Even if it is just once a week, make and eat dinner all together.  The more often you can have family dinners the better but make sure to commit to a number that is feasible.

    3. Eat Breakfast- Breakfast is the most important way to start the day.  Both you and the children will have more energy and better focus throughout the day.  Whether you pack something to go, make something the night before or set aside time in the morning, find a way to fit in breakfast.

    4. Laugh Together- Watch a silly movie, go to the zoo, play board or video games, visit a theme park, share jokes and stories.  Dedicate an evening once a month or once a week to laugh, bond and play together as a family.

    5. Get More Sleep- Shut down the computer, turn off the TV earlier, and enforce a bedtime for the entire family.  Getting enough sleep is important for both physical and mental health for all ages.