Our Origami Sushi Wraps are taking America by storm!
Origami Wraps®, NewGem Food’s first and most popular line of products, are vegetable and fruit based alternatives to traditional seaweed wraps. The colorful, great tasting wraps will totally change how you think about making sushi. They are great for you (fat-free, low calorie, and full of antioxidants), and will add a uniqueness and taste to your sushi creations you haven't seen before. Our recipes are just a few examples of the dishes being made every day using our products. 

Benefits include:
- Natural and healthy
- Low-carb (2-3 grams), low calorie (10-15) per serving and fat-free
- No artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors
- Limitless flavor profiles
- Gluten-free

Note: Origami Wraps® are a sushi alternative, and not meant to be used like the GemWraps (which recently aired on HSN) as tortilla replacements.