Chicken Souvlaki Cone


Chicken "Souvlaki" Cone in Tomato Sandwich WrapChicken Souvlaki Cone

  1. Peel plastic sheet from Sandwich Wrap and place shiny side down in the palm of your left hand like an open book.
  2. In the crease, heap in romaine.
  3. Over romaine, lay in strips of chicken, bell pepper, cucumber and French fries.
  4. Roll lower right corner of wrap up and around ingredients and continue to twist up and around into a cone shape.
  5. Seal edge of corner with a dab of water and hold a few seconds to seal.
  6. Spoon 1 Tablespoon of tzatsiki sauce on top of cone ingredients.
  7. Serve in a tall glass.


Main Ingredients
1 Tomato Sandwich Wrap             
⅔ cup shredded romaine
5-6 grilled chicken strips, (dressed with olive oil, lemon, thyme, salt & pepper)
4-5 red bell pepper strips, ⅛” x 4”
4-5 cucumber strips, ⅛” x 4”
3-4 French fries – (optional)
¼ tzatsiki yogurt sauce- (grated cucumber, low-fat plain yogurt, lemon juice)
small water bowl
small brush

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