Strawberry Fudge Cone


Strawberry Fudge ConeStrawberry Fudge Cone recipe

  1. Filling – Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake(Fills approx. 100 small cones)
  2. Combine cheesecake filling and fudge topping, beat until smooth.
  3. Fill piping bag with fudge cheesecake mixture and pipe into cones, being sure to fill down into the point so that the cone will soften completely.

(Cones can be prepared an hour in advance and refrigerated)



  1. Dip each cone into a bowl of the mini semi-sweet chocolate chips (or shaved white chocolate) to top.


Main Ingredients
Strawberry Sushi Wrap
24 ounces New York Cheesecake Filling
½ Jar Mrs. Richards Hot Fudge Ice Cream Topping
Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips or Shaved White Chocolate

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